What is Bipolar self-management?

What is Bipolar self management?

Everyone with a serious chronic illness such as bipolar disorder needs to find a way to understand and manage this condition so that the disabling effect of this diagnosis is minimised.

The term self management is used for the purpose of gaining more control over this condition.

There are a number of elements in self management, which include:

  • Recognition of what can set off a new episode,
  • What the early symptoms of relapse are,

If early indications are recognised:

  • Symptoms must be dealt with,
  • minimise any problems arising,
  • Identify people who can help,
  • Alter changes in medication.

People are encouraged to minimise the possibility of a relapse by adjusting their medication. They are encouraged to develop an action plan to put what they learn about themselves and their illness into effect.

Finally, it should be noted that the vast majority of people with bipolar disorder who have attended our self management training programs over the last decade have not been re-admitted into any acute psychiatric hospitals in Somerset.

We have a course set up to deal with Bipolar. The Course looks at the concepts, tools and techniques involved in learning to self manage extreme mood swings, examining the consequences of episodes of mania and depression, learning to avoid the extreme symptoms associated with bipolar episodes. The course will take place on the 10th of August at 10 Am through to 3 PM.

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