Bipolar Disorder Support Group Meetings in 2019

We have a range of Support Meeting Dates for 2019 available. For further information Click Here to Book a Place

23rd August, 27th September, 15th November

You Are Not Alone

Over the last 25 years we have supported 8200 people with bipolar and 1800 carers. We never turn people away and our support in the community is free.

Talk To Us

There is at present no cure for bipolar disorder but numerous opportunities to stabilise this most challenging of all mental health conditions.

Self Help Tips

We can help you to find a way to understand and manage this condition so that the disabling effect of this diagnosis is minimised.

How We Help in Somerset

We work with Somerset County Council, N.H.S Primary Care Trust, Regional Health Authority and Somerset Partnership N.H.S Foundation Trust.

Understand the Symptoms

We help you to understand what can set off an episode of illness and what are the early signs of relapse.


Steps to Recovery

We help you through discussion get a clear understanding of triggers and warning signs, and how to minimise the risk of relapse.


Local Support Workshops

Please contact us to talk about forthcoming workshops and free courses or consultations that can help you get started on your recovery.

Meeting the Bipolar Challenge

Bipolar Disorder can affect your inner compass, so you cannot carry on normal relationships or have ordinary productive days. How do we keep symptoms in check? There is no cure but there is a clear path for living a healthy and productive life

We are here to help you


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